a sexy ass white guy who exudes black guy swag and is down with black girls
Is Dan a sheep? Yea he got with Shaniqa last night
by pimpluscious February 17, 2013
Sheep are {white-ish} cows, with no spots
"Look its that sign with the cows on it"... "Mom, those are sheep" "...ohhh i was wondering why they didnt have spots"
by some hick girl November 03, 2005
What people in Derby do
Derby mum to child: What did you do at school, today?
Child: Mommy, I did sheep!
a masturbation tool used by welsh people and derby county fans alike.

sheep own new zealand.
shut up you dirty sheep shagging bastards!
by JP March 29, 2004
a fuzzy animal, who provides wool for clothing. Also, a person who simply follows the crowd and doesn't think for themselves.
Farmers are known for having sex with sheep.
by Jeana March 28, 2004
A Product of NewZealand's sexual desire
Babe the movie is like New Zealand porn( the part with the sheep)
by sam_big_penis February 25, 2008
Originates from walez, tha best place in tha world.
Ignorant gay englishman:look at that goat...
Safe welshman:its a sheep motha fuker
(Sheep turns into a giant bear fing with dodgy eyes) Eats tha welshman. Baa!!!.......
neva look at a sheep the same agen. oooooo
by SpRoOf July 04, 2006
the 'azn guys' at bhs c/o 07' who ALWAYS wear long white shirts that go up to their knees along with some oversized baggy jeans(preferably blue)...just to let you know, im not hatin' on the guys, it actually looks good..=)
omg..carl is such a sheep..
by ex-bhs buc August 09, 2004
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