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The Techno Viking is a German Techno enthusiast whom makes it his job to defend blue-haired chicks and uphold the balance of bad-assery whereever he goes. With his mighty finger, he will point and strike fear into the hearts of tools who try to run into (copping a feel, maybe?) blue-haired chicks. He will then dance the night away... hell, he's so badass, he drinks from upside-down water bottles!

He's also rumored to be the only one who can withstand the atomic-bomb-like-power of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. This can neither be confirmed or denied, because nobody knows just who the Techno Viking truly is.

See also: Man-Crush
The Techno Viking is to Bad-Ass as Andrew Dice Clay is to not being funny.... aka, Techno Viking is pretty fucking badass!

The Techno Viking is to Bad-Ass as Carlos Mencia is to being a rip-off-artist... aka, Techno Viking is pretty badass.

The Techno Viking is to Bad-Ass as Sarah Palin is to complete and utter moron and failure... aka, Techno Viking is pretty badass.
by TedStix June 27, 2010
1) A person who exclusivly follows a group, movement, political party, organization, etc., and tends to hold the opinion or ideals of this group in high esteem, even if the opinion/ideal is negative or is problematic. This is generally because of a positive bias towards this group, or a negative bias towards groups who represent the opposite viewpoint. Often, people who fit this definition of "sheep" are assosiated with negativity, and are accused of being uable to "think for themselves."

2) Similar to deffinition 1, a "sheep" can also refer to someone who is a fan of certain types of entertainment (ex. music, film, etc), simply because it is popular, and it therefore reflects positivly on this person if they are a fan.

3) A common farm animal.
Ex. 1) "Oh, he only watches Fox News because he's a conservative SHEEP!"

2) "Dannica is a SHEEP! She only listens to Kanye West because she wants to fit in with the popular kids!"

3) "That's a SHEEP in the grass. It goes: 'Bahhh!'"
by TedStix December 03, 2009
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