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n. A fat young male who never showers, works or changes clothes.

n. One who can do nothing but drink and piss himself.

n. One that leeches off of friends and family, making up excuses to dodge responsibility.

Ashby got drunk, sprayed crap all over my car while I gave him a ride, ate my food, stained my couch with food, stole my beer and pissed on my floor before he stole some more beer to drink while driving home.
by Andrew Ashby October 21, 2003

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(n) - 1. describing a person named Ashby. 2. one who has the qualities of such a person. (adj) - 1. describing something as having the qualities of Ashby. see also: shbizzle, shbyby, shbybison
(n) - You're such a great guy, you're a shby. (adj) - You have been acting like you're on Ecstacy. You're very shbyful today.
by Ashby April 28, 2003