A Shaz is anyone or anything that imitates everything cool that you do and makes it lame . A Shaz can also be a cockblock or a massive douche bag. His/her motto in life is YOLO or SWAG.
You make a cool word such "Shizz" and he/she takes it and turns it to complete shit.

eg: You: "Shiz thats so awesome"

Shaz:" Shiz thatz so awesome"

you: "wow that building is so cool"

Shaz: "wow that building is so cool"

you: " stop being a shaz!"
by Samir Rk January 06, 2013
Can be used in place of "shit" or "crap".
Awww....I wicked have to shaz!
by Alicia August 18, 2003
very loose girl usually found in northern england shopping areas pushing a pram. Has friend called Tracy (Trace)

Trace: hey shaz
Shaz: What Trace
Trace: Are yu gannan doon the toon?
Shaz: Naa, got to go to the dole.
by Anth July 03, 2003
A short, easily lovable word to use in times of anger, annoyance, or peril. Not related to shazbot.
Oh shaz, I forgot to sign up for the World of Warcraft beta!
by Kanthris May 24, 2003
Black man
Shaz M
by Shahid October 22, 2003
Name of a bogan who likes to mung!
Hey shaz want to suck out the juice?
by Clair September 07, 2003
A rude bitch who likes to make up things about people.
You are such a shaz!
by Josie November 01, 2003

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