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The most beautiful girl in the world.
damn that girls hot but she isnt even close to shaylee
by very awesome person123 December 29, 2009
A very Beautiful, sweet loving girl who gets a long with anyone but knows fake when she see's it and won't put up with it. Always fun to be around and smiling or laughing every second, she is always very happy and won't let anything get to her. Mostly Bernette and light brown eyes. Very easily entertained and can have a good time doing anything, she is always the first one to start dancing at a party or dance, she's always the life of the party. She is hyper but knows when to be mature. She puts most of her affort into all her faith and what she believes in. Get to know a shaylee, she really is something special.
I wish I could be a Shaylee.
by Realdefiniton April 16, 2011
someone who is gorgeous and beautiful, she has an amazing life and can't get any awesomer, another name for a shaylee is owl
guy 1: "that girls sexy"
gu 2: "obviously her name is shaylee"
by March 05, 2012
A pretentious self involved nuisance.

"A girl who was at my residence recently who is so self involved and promiscuous as a biproduct of her own lack of self that at a moments notice abandons her friends to engage in inter coarse with *strangers(see douche bags) at local bars".
Shaylee left her friend alone at the bar to crawl in the back of some duches car in an ally only to appear in the later hours of the next day for all the shit she left strewn in said friends house.
by Jesus just post it! January 15, 2014
An insult for someone, meaning whore or slut. Can also be written as 'Shaleigh'.
"Hey look at her, she's such a shaylee"
by GeromeGG January 20, 2008

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