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the best asian last name in the world. not very common, but special. spelled by most white kids goo,
prounounced goo.

people with the last name gu are always smart. the girls are hott and the boys get girls.
"hey gu, whats the homework?"

"Hey did you hear george gu got his girl classmates to like him at the age of 10?"

"oh yeah, of course, hes a gu."
by gg&hgGU August 11, 2009
Short for Geographically Undesirable. A man or woman who lives so far away that dating them becomes inconvenient.
I broke up with that cute girl I was dating because the long drive to her house made her GU.
by Krankiboy December 01, 2007
Some stupid acronym that fake people made up so they couldn't be interested in someone that they actually like because they live a distance incompatible with their fakeness, acronym for "geographically undesirable."

Sarah: "wow that Todd guy is totally nice and all, I would sure like to date him"
Tania: "He lives in Texas"
Sarah: "Damn what a GU"
Todd: "I wasn't interested in you anyway you fake bitch"
by Holden Morrisey Caulfield May 14, 2007
"geographically undesirable" - lives too far away to date conveniently
He was totally G.U.- he lived outside the beltway so it was always a huge hassle to get together.
by Pagan Marbury July 19, 2006
East coast slang for an annoying pest who no matter how much you try and get rid of, persists and continues to annoy. Usually every "clique" or friend group has one and although they put on an act while around the "gu"; they ignore him/her at all costs and joke about how much of a "gu" that person is. In addition to having no friends, the "gu" is the epitimy of grossness and therefore has zero game with the ladies.
Man did you see that guy walking with that group of people. Ya he was such a gu.
by Departed33 February 20, 2010
Acronym for "get up".
A: Gu Mofo.

B: What the hell are you saying?

A: Get the fuck up and let's go motherfucker!
by Sorosh Omidi March 24, 2007
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