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the combination of kool, neat and swell.
hey i just bought a new porsche. omg youre so shash.
by john bosco May 27, 2004
Verb- To tamper, bash, or damage something to the point that it no longer follows a law/laws of physics.
Originates from the word smash
You can make a magnet no longer magnetize by shashing it.

I shashed the TV and now it no longer obeys gravity.

Perhaps if we shash cars, then they will no longer maintain inertia and will cause less deaths in accidents.
by Dawildman October 13, 2014
Twaddle, rot, falsehood, or general nonsense.

Synonym to 'bullocks'.
John said that he knew how to fly a jet fighter, but everyone knew that was complete and utter shash.
by Robert Llewyllen June 20, 2006
Hair protruding beyond the collar line of a shirt (front or back)
Hairy men whose hair stick out of their shirt (front or back) and don't tuck it back in. Captain Shash has a lot of shash coming out of his t-shirt.
by Capt Shash January 24, 2008
a mixture of the words "shit" and "trash"

like "Shitty Trash" which naturally becomes "shash."

It's an orignal composition by me and Lunchbox.
"Those guys are wayyy white shash
by Woody January 27, 2005
silly harlot always sitting horizontally
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
emphasising on the word shush, or just shush in a accent.
Beth: Heyy Lauren, go foosh yrself!
Lauren: Shashhh!
by fooshbethfoosh March 02, 2008
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