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The airborne, but not solid gas particles, emmited while sharting.
Edweirdo's shart was so nasty, he stained the seat with sharticles.
by Estacada James September 24, 2006
A sharticle is a blog or web article filled with material less entertaining than a loud noisy release of fecal matter. People might say, "Come here and look at this", but they soon will be bored with the lack of information or the rank presentation thereof.
Used in a sentence:

Amy's sharticle on her dad liking My Little Pony at Yahoo Contributor's Network was super annoying. I wouldn't even read it while having a shit.
by elijahblue November 26, 2013
The small, brown floaties in the water left after a particularly rank tub fart.
Marilyn had been enjoying her long bathtub soak, but jumped out as soon as she saw a handful of sharticles float by.
by ammster March 29, 2010
A sharticle is any piece of airborne debri resulting from a shart, which is an act halfway between a shit and a fart.
Stray sharticles in the public restroom landed on Hugo's toothbrush while he attempted to clean his teeth at work.
by His Goochness August 04, 2008
A newspaper or online article which is so bad, it's funny. Happens on slow news days.
In the Sun today, their was a sharticle about a lorry turning a corner!
by JWB_ July 30, 2016
Articles that are a bit on the poo side, like when you're reading a newspaper and you think "Why is this news?"
Barry: "Poo buses set to take over Bristol."

Ashens: "You're putting the shart in sharticles."
by the hue bearer July 30, 2016
Articles that are a bit on the poo side
"Poo Buses set to take over Norwich"? What a sharticle!
by Barshens July 31, 2016
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