An exclamation of frustration, joy or any other emotion, particularly evoked through poor slimesportsmanship or extreme lustful perspiration.
Oh sharons! I wish I was better at slimesports!
by Rupert J Maxillas August 22, 2007
1.) The act of a ping pong ball rimming out of a cup in a game of beer pong. Can also be used in other situations such as golf, basketball, etc.

2.) Also a synonym for a rim-job

(Originated in Chatham, NJ)
A: "I've been getting sharoned all night!"

B: "That ball just sharoned right out!"

C: (After the occurrence of a sharon) "Oooohhhhh! Sharon!!!"

D: (After the occurrence of a sharon) "When did Sharon get here?"

E: "I got a sharon tonight...from Sharon."

F: "My butt hole is dirty, I could use a quick sharon."
by titmagee January 26, 2012
Typically used by bogan Aussies who have had already ten kids to eight different fathers. Upper class Australians often avoid calling their kids (Girls) Sharon because it reminds us of the housos who live on the dole.
"Fucking hell Daryl! Another kid fell out me happy hole! I'll have to call it sharon like the rest of the other kids.
by Thefuckingdictionary December 30, 2014

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