An exclamation of frustration, joy or any other emotion, particularly evoked through poor slimesportsmanship or extreme lustful perspiration.
Oh sharons! I wish I was better at slimesports!
by Rupert J Maxillas August 22, 2007
Sharon is a gorgeous, amazing, funny, stylish girl. She is a tomboyish skater girl kind with amazing wavy hair! She is a complete badass but still has the sweetness in her. She is such a daredevil and any man would be so lucky to have her! She doesn't take shit from anybody! When someone pisses her off, World War III is about to begin. She is strong, confident, and smart. Whoever is a Sharon must be proud to be one!
Guy 1: Woah have you seen the new girl?

Guy 2: Yeah she so gorgeous, she must be a Sharon!
by iibatwomanii July 23, 2015
A girl who is kind and compassionate and has a very good pereonallity but all Sharon's are very lazy. But there worth shot!
"Did you here about Sharon in the school she has a very great personality I herd she's very kind, man I want me a Sharon!"
by Sharon g June 19, 2015
Crazy bitch who never washes her hands after using the bathroom.
See that crazy girl over there, she just came from the bathroom and didn't wash her hands. She is such a Sharon!
by Babygirl4403 March 31, 2015
Typically used by bogan Aussies who have had already ten kids to eight different fathers. Upper class Australians often avoid calling their kids (Girls) Sharon because it reminds us of the housos who live on the dole.
"Fucking hell Daryl! Another kid fell out me happy hole! I'll have to call it sharon like the rest of the other kids.
by Thefuckingdictionary December 30, 2014
A greedy, money grubbing bitch.
A Sharon is a girl you should never date.
by MesaLiz February 22, 2015
1.) The act of a ping pong ball rimming out of a cup in a game of beer pong. Can also be used in other situations such as golf, basketball, etc.

2.) Also a synonym for a rim-job

(Originated in Chatham, NJ)
A: "I've been getting sharoned all night!"

B: "That ball just sharoned right out!"

C: (After the occurrence of a sharon) "Oooohhhhh! Sharon!!!"

D: (After the occurrence of a sharon) "When did Sharon get here?"

E: "I got a sharon tonight...from Sharon."

F: "My butt hole is dirty, I could use a quick sharon."
by titmagee January 26, 2012

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