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Noun. A situation in which a person’s arm and shoulder are so flabby that they become one, creating a smooth curve where a marked angle should be. Similar to the calf and ankle becoming simply the cankle.
Linda’s shoulder has become so rounded that she no longer has a shoulder and an arm, simply a sharm.
by amgangel July 10, 2008
13 9
short and arms combined, making them sharms
Maddie:Hey ,Debbie can you hand me that pen over there?

Debbie: I can't reach it, I have sharms.
by singer201998 July 13, 2009
7 0
when you arms are proportionately short for your body, considered a bad thing! SHort ARMS= SHARMS
I couldn't quite reach your penis cause I have sharms, sorry sucks for you!
by smithy sally January 23, 2008
3 1
A normal sized person with arms abnormally short for their body. short arms = sharms
Wow, Loz really does have sharms doesn't she!
by LJ is spinkin June 12, 2007
2 0
an adjective describing an extra sweet brotha who attempts to be charming with the ladies, but comes off like a simp.
Look at that sharm-ass nigga usher, cryin on his album.
by Willie B-Man July 24, 2009
7 7