SHARK> You might look at but would never swim with ;)

An attractive female under the legal age or consent in the UK.
Mike; Titch, on your left!
Titch; shark?
Mike; shit..she is fit tho :o
by DJDEEZUK May 18, 2009
To forcibly remove clothing of unsuspecting women and expose them publicly, then fleeing the scene. Meanwhile, someone else records the whole event discreetly.

This has been popularized by videos from Japan showing this.
"After I sharked her, she kept looking around for me while fixing her clothes back on."
by Daniel Ten October 24, 2006
A really ugly girl that looks like a shark and won't stop following you or your friend.
This shark would not leave liam alone today at practice.
by Broaly mamoth March 27, 2011
A person who cracked a joke no one laughed at.
Guy #1: Dude, last night was amazing.

Shark: Your mom was amazing last night too.

Guy #2: Shark.

Dude #1: Your gay.

Shark: Your dad is gay.

Dude #2: Shark.
by The Jock 17 August 08, 2010
Another name we like to use in reference to Po-Po, or Police. They drive around all slow, hide in the dark, and wait for unsuspecting prey to go by. Then they dart out after them, chase them down, and completely ruin their day by giving them a stupid ticket for something.
"Man, watch out, there's a Shark over there, parked around the corner. Slow down..."
by Shelbykitty March 05, 2009
A verb.

To shark refers to more than one person randomly walk up to an unsuspecting victim, and stare into their eyes, with a straight face. Objective: completely freak out the person, make them uncomfortable.

Also, while sharking, you cannot touch the person. Just get close.
Me and five friends sharked (name) and she almost cried.
by Don Bounskibibal December 07, 2008
To become so desperate and outrageously bad about something, that your action has caused you personally to "jump the shark," making you a shark. Also, to cop out.
"Mike is hanging with his girl again tonight instead of going out with us."
"Ya man, he's totally sharked it."

"Hey guys, I think I'm going to stay in tonight and watch my crash DVD instead of party with you guys."

"This party is sharked, lets go."
by Patrick T May 14, 2008
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