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the week a woman experiences menstruation
Shannon was in a bad mood because it was shark week.
by Carina August 13, 2005
The week during which a woman has her period. There will be blood, an uncomfortable sense of tension and a bad tempered, unpredictable beast.

Take heed during shark week. If you show signs of weakness or aggression, you will be attacked. If you get attacked, it will be all your fault, infinitely more traumatic for her and you'll never be allowed to forget it.
Man 1-"Why is your wife glaring at you from the window?"
Man 2-"Shark week. She's looking for an excuse to strike"

Man 1-"Pub?"
Man 2-"Hell yes."
by MagickDio January 08, 2011
A week during the summer in which Discovery Channel airs its annual "Shark Week" and everyone on earth pretends to watch it and makes sure that all of their friends know by plastering stupid shit (e.g. Facebook status updates) all over the Internet. Usually no one really knows when Shark Week is until it actually happens because no one really cares about sharks any other week of the year. An overhyped show that everyone just claims they watch to look cool in front of their friends.
Facebook Status Update: "Shark weekkkkkk ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥"
"May the sharks be ever in your favor lol happy shark week 2012(:"
"Shark Week starts @9pm. Cant miss it!!"
"Oh, hey shark week!"
by IDontWatchSharkWeek August 12, 2012
The week prior to menstruation in which a woman may experience extreme mood changes, cravings for chocolate, cramps and bloating.
Shark week is that one week of the month when my entire body rages against me and decides to attempt yet another mutiny. Ain't no mutiny like a shark week mutiny!

My breasts ache. My ovaries feel as if a tiny angry troll is squeezing them. I’m bloated like a dead fish and as if by some cruel joke, it’s the one week of the entire month that my husband finds me completely sexually irresistible.
Unfortunately for him, I am like a hybrid between a Praying Mantis and Black Widow spider. All I want to do is rip his head off and eat my young, not necessarily in that order.Pretty much, if you breathe you are in danger of incurring my bloody, hormonal rage and for some reason, I swear my teeth get bigger.
by Truthful Mommy November 02, 2011
A week long television series about sharks. Their eating habits, how strong they are, how fast they can bite off your arm, leg, or rip you in half. They're fucking SHARKS. Watch it, and try to live every week like it's Shark Week.
"Did you just change the Channel?"
"Yeah, it was some boring documentary."
"Get the fuck out of my house. It's SHARK WEEK."
by rbjuarez July 31, 2010
that time of the month when a lady undergoes menstruation- ie her period.
boy to girl- what's wrong with you? you're being a bitch.
girl to boy- it's sharkweek.
by ellewinter April 21, 2010
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