That clear; crystal methamphetamine. A hard drug. The most prevalent form of meth available today, usually made via LiAlH4-NH3 reduction. A big problem in mot of the U.S. Kids, don't use.
Some of that shit, Isaac, some of that Shardonnay
by Big Stu Dogg July 14, 2006
A derivative of shard, shardonnay describes the result of sharding at a formal and inopportune moment.
Priest: "Do you Jeff take Allison to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
Jeff: "I do"
Priest: "And do you Allison take Jeff to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
Allison: "I..." *Pffffrrrt*
Best Man: "Lets raise our glasses for a shardonnay toast to the bride, and the poor dry cleaner who's gonna have to try to clean that mess off the back of a white wedding dress."
by Professor Shit Nibbler September 11, 2011

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