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Urban black slang for "lawyer" referencing the attorney Robert Shapiro who miraculously got OJ Simpson off of murder even with mountains of damning evidence against him. Robert Shapiro may be the only Jew who is not hated by blacks.
"You, state police just found my biscuit in the Q river. Call my shapiro."
by A-Rock March 08, 2008
The name of a man who is all about business, and enjoys solitude. It's very difficult to grab hold of a Shapiro, as he is always conducting his own business in one way or another. Often, a Shapiro will be spotted drinking a Shapiro while speeding in the Shapiro Speedway off the Shapiro islands. In short, slang for fecal matter.
That guy, Shapiro, won't give me the time of day. No wonder his name is Shapiro.
by Madman Keurig March 04, 2014
A term used to describe a snitch, or a suck up.
Man, I got suspended because of that Shapiro.
by Inertia Longtrail April 11, 2007
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