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A problem that really isn't neccesary, or that could easily be fixed, but usualy isn't.
Everyone keeps yelling and shouting over each other, what a shamozzle.

The other day at the game Jack was shamozzling, trying to rile up the other team.

There's a big shamozzle at the intersection, all the cars are banked up because of one idiot
by Peter Cardakaris June 11, 2007
a total shit-storm!
Wow... that sale at Gap today was a complete shamozzle!!
by mista>dave September 15, 2010
In Ireland commentators of Gaelic Games use the word to refer to players squaring up to eachother and schkelpin members of the opposite team but with no intention to injure. Also known as a scurmuffle.
There was a bit of a shamozzle at that match the other night but the ref got it sorted
by smashling May 24, 2005