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Pronounced Sham-an (not the Sha-man version) A term for Uber Shamans who don't take crap from any other class and love nukes. Also a Tribal Leader and/or Healer.
That Shaman just nuked their whole clan! AWESOME!
by Kalashnikov46 September 12, 2007
The correct plural form of the word Shaman is Shamen. There have been disputes over the roots of the word and it has been now thought to be derived from {Sha*man}. This sort of spelling applies to the popular computer game "World of Warcraft" where Shamen are a playable class. Just like the plural of 'man' and 'woman' are 'men' and 'women' the word 'shaman' applies to the same category of exclusion of the "s" suffix for plurification.
Shamen are much worse at healing than druids. They have little to no epeen.
by Prof. Muscovite December 12, 2006
Class that all Ally Noobs whine about in MMORPG World of Warcraft.
Allynoob1: Damn i got pwned by that shaman.
Allynoob2: Man im re rolling horde cuz im so sick of bein pwned by shamans.
by onemic September 07, 2006
a skanky little slutbag. she alters her voice to sound like an easy lay. all the guys want her. and she will do anything to get attention. even if it means being a complete bitch and ignoring her morals
-why the fuck does shaman sound like a chipmunk

-because thats what they do

-thats fucking gay
by ally johansen January 17, 2009
A Mongolian priest. Oftentimes used by ethnocentric Westerners to describe the entire planet under the assumption that all "primitive" traditions are identical.
My blue-eyed Cherokee-princess-descended shaman charges $500 for a Sundance.
by Xyzzy June 18, 2004