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A totally beautiful girl.
That girl is such a shaima!
by coolness March 19, 2005
A girl who loves to laugh and smile. She may have alot of mood swings. But most of the time, she tries to be happy. She's hardworking and has to do everything perfectly. She is lovable and absouloutley cute and adorable.
Who is that cutie? That's Shaima!!!!
by corey2332 August 21, 2011
enjoys good coffee, peppermint tea, mountain dew, and clementines. proclaims sarcasm, wit, spontaneity, retardedness, and metaphors. grammar is unimportant to her, but spelling is a must. her heroes include: daria morgendorffer, natalie portman, moby, aladdin, and david copperfield. she listen to lots of rock,indie rock, alt, emo, whatever and lots of trance,techno,breakbeats,obscure,progressive, whatever. her favorite color at the moment is blue, no purple, "pastel green" cyan and "pure red" orange. sometimes you can find her behind a wheel trying not to pass a red light. she hates those damn traffic lights.she is left-handed, and yes that does mean she is ultimately rad.
hey, do you know shaima? she's that webdesigner girl.
by shaima:) March 19, 2005

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