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5 definitions by coolness

A Computer Game company founded by former Microsoft employee Gabe Newell in 1996 or 1997.

Valve made the computer game classics Half Life and Half Life 2.

Valve has a notorious reputation for being sluggish in game releases, yet notorious for its style.

It's located near Seattle, Washington.
The coolest game developers ever:

1. id software
2. valve
3. infinity ward
by Coolness February 03, 2005
A totally beautiful girl.
That girl is such a shaima!
by coolness March 19, 2005
to make a fart that smells lik...gross stuff
dude, johnny just ripped one and it smells lik s$%#!!
by coolness August 02, 2004
Someone that makes a mean comment and is still a cool person
"aiyyo bitch you so ugly, i think u gon die a virgin" "nah man, people so rude all dey gotta do is put a paper bag over her head and fuck her" lol
by coolness February 21, 2005