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When ass air gets to long, and wiping is as hard as pulling peanut butter out of shag carpet.
I need to shave I have the shag carpet again.
by Big Ray April 02, 2005
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n. an intensified version of a carpet, a carpet that sleeps around
syn. filthy whore
see: carpet
At Mike's party, there was a shag carpet hitting on me.
by TracyL March 22, 2006
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When a man/woman has so much pubic hair it looks like a shag carpet.
i slept with a chick last night and she had the biggest shag carpet i've ever seen. i think i might have gotten carpet burn.
by Diljon November 26, 2007
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When a female has left her tracks or braids in her head so long, the grow out (or the weave) starts to resembe the shag carpet in your grandmothers basement. Does not exclude those females that dont know how to moisturize their weave to prevent "thirsty-ness".
Wanetta assumed that using "pink lotion" would allow her to keep her weave in her head for 6 months and prevent it from lookin like shag carpet.
by hotenuf13 March 31, 2008
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When the floor of a room is covered by a multitude of persons all simultaneously fucking.
The New Year's party at Billy's had a large shag carpet in one of the rooms.
by I Want To Be You May 26, 2011
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