The Greatest Socom player to ever play the game.
A current ACTIVE member of the most elite clan in SOCOMII, MI6 (Mobile Infantry 6).
by TheSocomGod February 14, 2005
A sexy member on RSB. He was raped by Gopher not long ago, but recovered and is now in the anti anti-pedophilism act against non-pedophiles. Shadow has an ambition to become the biggest freakshow on RSB, but failed because Inu's already there.
Shadow owns you all.
by Shadow|RSB May 27, 2008
a really annoying girl who follows everyone and copies everything everyone else does. she is also semi-retarded and thinks that every guy likes her
by ya mutha March 28, 2003
Shadow- term describing an African American male, between 6'1"-8'9" weighing between 215lbs-420lbs. They are usually non voting citizens. The average "shadow":
-Shoots "dice" at least once a month
-Visits kfc on a daily basis
-Smokes,deals, and sells marawana (THE trifecta)
-Wear big coats with fur on then (so they can see each other at night)(like leapord skins in Africa)
-They also like to "rip on white males" (known as Crackers)
They often exhibit cacasian traits such as:
-buying a house,
-eating at subway,
-owning a car (not stolen)(without subs)(NO 24's)
-going to private schools.
Look at that shadow walking into KFC.
by Terry K and Dimitri T April 04, 2007
another great word for nigger
I saw 2 shadows making out on cheaters.
by wakistar June 19, 2008
a girl or guy who acts nice to you when you move away from them ie treat them as if they dont really matter, and then the moment you treat them nicely they behave as if they dont care about you, and vice versa;
basically someone whos behaviour wit u is like a shadow, as you move toward them they move away, and as you move away they move towards you
the reason dat bitch turns on and off like a switch is cuz shes a shadow
by dravid7 November 15, 2006
kits wanna be boyfriend cool guy. but he copys alot of people all the time. fights with snap too.
Kit: Omg shadow you ran over the rabbit with a mini bike!!!, Shadow: and?. Kee: Thats a crime you goin to jail!. Snap: dont drop the soap shadow. Shadow: WTF! Kit and Kee: LOL!!! Shadow: SHUT THE HELL UP SNAP!
by Kee December 30, 2004

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