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1. University of British Columbia a.k.a University of Billion Chinese a.k.a University of Beautiful Chicks a.k.a University of Booze and Cannabis.

2. The Berkley of Canada, and one of the top 40 Universities in the world. A fact which no one outside of Academia is really aware of. Usually percieved by Canadians as being among the top three universities in the country. (With Toronto, McGill being the other two)

3. The University with the most beautiful campus in Canada.
" I attend UBC" - Canadian
" Where is that?"- American
by Thepoopoohead August 27, 2010
1. University Beverage Center, a beer distributor near the University of Pittsburgh. 2. University of British Columbia, a western Canadian hippee school, the Berkeley of the North. 3. University of a Billion Chinese, a nickname of the University of British Columbia. Another reason it is the Berkeley of the North.
1. At 3 am you can get a case of beer at UBC, if you can get past the pitbull.
2. For the long trek, she hid two UBC nalgene bottles in her armpit hair.
by l'ourf qui mange les quebecois April 04, 2005
The term U.B.C.S stands for Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Services from the Resident Evil video games.They're owned by the Umbrella Corporation and are a different unit from the Umbrella Special Forces Unit (HUNK's unit, also known as the Umbrella Security Service) and specializes in rescue operations during biohazard outbreaks. Although they've been very successful in every operation, due to their high mortality rate the unit is comprised almost exclusively of convicted war criminals and mercenaries for hire from around the world that served their national militaries and joined the UBCS as an alternative to capital punishment for any crimes they may have been caught committing. The unit is comprised of almost 120 operatives, divided between four platoons (with two or three squads per platoon).
For example Carlos in the game Resident Evil Nemesis is in the UBCS.
by Darkfire849 April 06, 2006
UBCS:Umbrella Bio-hazard Countermeasure Service
The first time you truly meet any UBCS member (if memory serves right) is in Resident Evil 3:Nemesis
The more popular characters are Carlos Oliveria, Nicholai Ginovaef, & Mikhail somethin or other. UBCS is a merc force of Umbrella 'designed' for 'cleaning up their mistakes'
RE:3 Merc's mode allows you to play as either Carlos (medium) Mikhail (easy) or Nicholai (Hard)from the UBCS. I base them as easy or hard depending on what they originally start out with, i.e. Nicholai starts w/ a handgun, a knife, and an herb or two.
by Chris (Shinyy) March 17, 2006
A school with too many Asians. Hmm...notice that Vancouver is also the first stop when you get off the boat coming across the Pacific Ocean.
If you want Asian pussy you should go to UBC. If not then don't because at least half the UBC students are asians.
by Young & Freedman April 19, 2005
Ugly Butt Copycats
Unbelievingly Beautiful Chicks
1)Alana: Ugh! The UBCs are annoying me today!
Noelle: I know! they always copy us!
2)Massie: We are such UBCs!
Alicia: ?
Massie: Unbelievingly beautiful Chicks!
by Blair Gorf December 07, 2008
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