sexism is a subject invented and studied by feminists. They held a hypothesis that the lexicon, grammatical structure, etc. of a language contain features that makes woman excluded, insulted or unimportant.
"Tomorrow I will meet my new doctor; I hope he is friendly."
Since the speaker hasn’t met the doctor, how can the speaker know the doctor is HE? This kind of assumption can be regarded as sexism in Language.
by sophia41 January 23, 2008
A lot like racism, except it has to do with the unequal treatment between the two genders of male and female.

It's quite hard to see sexism in democratic/libereal countries but it's still there.

Sexism is just as bad as racism and ageism.
A person who commits a lot of sexism is called a sexist
Convo 1:
Girl: Hey I know what I can become... A MECHANIC!
Boy: WTF!?, that's a man's job.

Convo 2:
Boy: Are you gonna pay the bills?
Girl : NO STFU!!

Convo 3:
Girl: Hey are you gonna help me take care of this baby?
Boy: NO! that's a woman's job!

Convo 4:
School Administrator(girl) : Welcome to the "Get Sexist school for girls" hey wait a minute your a boy!!!
Boy: So good for me, F******!

Convo 5:
Girl: Can i run for president?
Boy: Sure! wanna be a maid or a cook?

Convo 6:
Boy: Mom, can I buy the barbie?

All examples of sexism :)
by Some1tobe July 20, 2006
A discriminative attitude grounded on the gender criteria, and more specifically -our society being still what it is- a discriminative attitude towards women.
Sexism is the last pathetic reflex of declining patriarcal masculinity. Violent and stupid, or soft and systemic, sexism remains sexism...
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
Discrimination on a person because of their sex. Usaully on women. Caused a lot by macho males that view women as "sex object". Rap is a major contributor to it right now. As well as rich people like Paris Hilton who didn't do anything to get rich and think they deserve all that money. They also used that money to get plastic surgery which has now created an unrealistic standard for women. I don't get it though cause I think they look ugly with all that botox. Respect women they're people too.
"Sexism is the most important of all the ism."
by Rusty Shakelfurd August 30, 2006
something that has worked for the past 2000 years.
Sexism is the metaphorical leash that when properly applied can keep those who do not benefit society in any conceivable form from controlling your life. Make me a sandwich bitch!
by Mac___Crazy February 17, 2011
A way of life like welfare for black people. now stop bitching and get back to the kitchen.
Funny sexism:
Why is it call pms?
Because mad cow disease was taken!

How do you spell woman backwards?

So i was watching cinderella the other day with my niece and relized if you watch it backwards its about a woman learning her place!

Joe: Hey dude guess wat?
John: What?
Joe: My gf got her license
John: What women drivers that doesnt make any sense theirs no highway between the kitchen and bedroom
by Biddyslayer69 May 31, 2011
funny when one is joking, otherwise a horrible thing
.what do you do when your dishwasher stops working? slap her

why dont woman need a drivers licence? theres no road tween the kitchen and the bedroom

what do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes? nothin you aint said twice

why hasnt there been a woman president? theres already maids and cooks in the whitehouse
by emmanem April 01, 2005

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