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1. Funny-ass chick from da Chi (Don't say "Chi-town"... People here never say "Chi-Town." well, not da cool ones.) who be writing definitions at Urban You know, words like LOOSE-ASS HEFFA and maxwell street polish and wine head and in heat Dammm. Dats a funny bitch. 2.Band name for the Rick James look-alike played by Eddie murphy in Coming to America. (Or was that <i>Sexual Chocolate</i>? Whatever. 3. A girl who tases real good. (I just made that up cuz I bet she tastes sexual chocolate. )
1. Sexie chocolate had me rollin wit' her mad wacky definitions.

2. Sexie chocolate played and made me scream, "Damn That boy can sang!"

3. I hope I can get a tase of that sexie chocolate. I got a maxwell street polish ready to split that bizzie shit wide open.
by Evull-E November 02, 2004
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