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Police force, especially on Merseyside UK
Quick lets run here come the bizzie's
by Everton July 30, 2005
Another word Instagram bitches use for buff. The trend is catching on but it might just be a one hit wonder 😏 A girl who is described as a Bizzie often has many admirers and is quite popular in reality and on effed up phone screens. It is mostly given to girls/women as a compliment but if a boy/man is called a bizzie it just means he looks gay ! If a boy calls you a bizzie - it basically means he's probably in love with you ☺️
*Hot Instagram pic*
*Comment* My Bizzie Girl x
by Golden Gurlie August 26, 2015
Having a lot going on in your life; The assumption that one can make about someone else due to the fact that their bags are full.
Person1: These bags are so heavy.
Person2: Damn bitch! You be bizzie!
by LKCC November 27, 2010
A slang term for a joint; a marijuana cigarette. Commonly used as slang and by gangstas
Yo holmes wanna go smoke dis bizzie?

Man I smoked a nice bizzie last night.
by T\|/eak March 30, 2008
A ghetto wannabe from Bronxville
Prepster: Why's that girl so gangsta'd out?
gangsta:I dunno but shes from Bronxville
prepster: Oh, the Bronx
gangsta: Heavens No!, Bronxville.
(see Bronxville)
by Noble Oles Carpenter III July 03, 2004
a total freak
haha jk jk jk jk jk biz
if ur name is bizzie ur weird
haha jk jkjk
biz i luv ya
by no comment July 03, 2004
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