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Police force, especially on Merseyside UK
Quick lets run here come the bizzie's
by Everton July 30, 2005
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A slang term for a joint; a marijuana cigarette. Commonly used as slang and by gangstas
Yo holmes wanna go smoke dis bizzie?

Man I smoked a nice bizzie last night.
by T\|/eak March 30, 2008
Having a lot going on in your life; The assumption that one can make about someone else due to the fact that their bags are full.
Person1: These bags are so heavy.
Person2: Damn bitch! You be bizzie!
by LKCC November 27, 2010
bezzie:bitch,girl,slut is a bezzie
you fuckin bezzie!!!
by dandel March 01, 2005
A ghetto wannabe from Bronxville
Prepster: Why's that girl so gangsta'd out?
gangsta:I dunno but shes from Bronxville
prepster: Oh, the Bronx
gangsta: Heavens No!, Bronxville.
(see Bronxville)
by Noble Oles Carpenter III July 03, 2004
a total freak
haha jk jk jk jk jk biz
if ur name is bizzie ur weird
haha jk jkjk
biz i luv ya
by no comment July 03, 2004

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