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A very sexy male who loves women. He is a good boy in school but a naughty one in a bed. He just is plain a amazing, and very funny. all the fags who say its a girl name its like the top name in a few countries.

Jill: that guy is so cool
Laura: Yeah, he's a total Thando.
by hero91 July 06, 2011
Thando is an unique name. Thando means a beautiful girl who has a heavenly voice. Thando is originated from africa. It is very lucky to know a Thando since they are rarely ever found so once you meet one you should keep it close to you.
-Have you heard Thando sing?
-She sounds amazing
-she is my friend
-Keep her close she is lucky.
by craaazyy36 September 01, 2011
Thando is a 17 year old girl from Canberra best known for her singing ability and large chest. It is believed she stores her talent in her breasts, hence explaining the size. She will be moving to Melbourne in 2011 to pursue a singing career, leaving behind her mediocre Canberran existence.

She is African, and loves watermelon and fried chicken. She's also dating a white guy.
Boy: Hey, do you know Thando?
Girl: Yeah, that black chick who sings?
Boy: You mean that black chick with big boobs who sings?
by atrologyislame November 21, 2010
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