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A vacation entirely dedicated for sex.
I had a bad ass Sexcation in Hawaii..
by JayRon August 21, 2007
a vacation you take just to have sex. whether it be with a significant other or a long distance booty call.
We went to Florida for a sexcation.
by DeeKayEnWhy April 18, 2007
A special time of year reserved for rest, relaxation and world travel...and sex. Or, anytime one takes a trip of which the sole or majority purpose is to bang.
Man, work has really been stressing me out lately. Thank God there is only a week left until my sexcation.
by Slamber103 November 29, 2010
Vacationing with your ex for the sole purpose of getting laid
No we didn't get back together, that was just a sex-cation.
by SFrench October 31, 2011
Sexcation: (1)total and absolute vacation FROM sex. To declare a time of celibacy.
(The word is often improperly used to describe vacation with lots of sex.)

I'm taking a sexcation from my loser boyfriend.

Anymore sexcation and I can become a nun.

by Delta Dawn August 07, 2007