The quality of being capable of having sex with
If say person is not Gorgeous, Athletic, Buff,or a Super Model,then Atleast , Atleast, Atleast, they should be Sexable
by Faraz101 September 10, 2008
looks like he or she wud give good sex, is able to make yu have sexual thoughts; has traits that the other person wants in a sex life
lets look at edwin, he's very sexable. :]
by mrs.kathy edward cullen December 07, 2008
A girl who appears to be willing to have sex simply becuase she is a female who likes a guy.
Usually, sexable girls aren't even willing to do it. Guys just assume they are, so they try,and usually fail.

Girls who are looking for relationships oppose to just messing around are known as "Not sexable".
Kelly: Josh.. I really like you. I think that we have the potential for a great, healthy relationship!

Josh: Mhm.... *thinking: wow she's totally "sexable"*


George: why won't you do it with me?!! we've been going out for 2 whole days!!

Rachel: George, I met you last week! I am NOT sexable!!
by Fallen Snowflake February 05, 2010
Someone who you would have sex with, such as Josh Duhamel
"I would so fuck Josh Duhamel"

"I know! Isn't he just sexable!"
by onyajaws September 03, 2009
Sexable: (adjective) Sexually attractive in the manner of a sexy hot librarian sort of way i.e. the AT&T girl in the TV commercials.
The sexable young actress brought a certain je ne sais quoi to her role on the TV series.
by Daddy Outlaw December 30, 2014
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