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Indentations in the hips caused through muscular definition in the torso. When a person is wearing low-riding pants, the indents look like two lines pointing down to the genitals in a "V" like shape.
Steve only wears his pants like that because he wants to show off his sex lines.
by jonjon84 June 26, 2006
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the beautiful markings cut into the flesh on the lower abdomen of a fit male (or an extremely fit female).

They can be found on people such as Pete Wentz, Usher, and Kelly Clarkson.
He removed his shirt and when i saw his lovely set of sex lines, I pounced on him.
by Shelby Renee March 31, 2006
Sex line: a pickup line so good that it gets you laid.
A classic 'sex line' example:

John: I wish I was one of your tears!
Susan: Why is that?
John: So I could start in your eyes, live on your face and die on your lips!
Susan: Your place or mine?
by supanover_ek_sez October 14, 2010

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