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Drinkatite: formed from the word 'appetite', this refers specifically to the measure of a person's alcoholic consumption and/or tolerance.
Bob: "Sarah sure has an appetite for booze"
John: "I believe you mean she has a large 'drinkatite' old chap"
Bob: "When did you start talking like a pommie?"
*Sarah vomits on Bob's shoe*
John: "The drinkatart just vommied one you!"
by supanover_ek_sez March 31, 2010
Locusting: When a group of people attack a buffet or snack foods in locust like fashion.
Jimmy: That wedding was good but did you see the people locusting the buffet?
Mike: Yeah, they ate everything but the table cloth.
by supanover_ek_sez October 04, 2010
Pie Roulette: the act of eating the last pie at a 24 hour service station or a particularly dodgy 7/11. Usually said pie has been sitting there for an unknown period of time is a flavour that gets passed over on a regular basis (Veg Curry especially).

It should be noted that 'pie roulette' generally only occurs in the early hours of the morning when drunken hunger overpower all forms of self preservation.
John: Are you really gonna eat that nasty looking pie?
Steve: Ya for sure! Why not?
John: It's 4am, it's the last one on the shelf AND it's a veg curry!
Steve: Pie Roulette my friend. What doesn't kill you...
John: ...usually succeeds the second time!
by supanover_ek_sez September 21, 2010
Boob Dube: Any marijuana joint that has been rolled by a girl. May include the use of glitter, coloured rizzla and stencilled animal pictures on it!
John: dude pass the jay!
*it gets passed*
John: what the ef, this thing looks like it was rolled by a chick!
Steve: it was... by my girlfriend ... it's a Boob Dube!
by supanover_ek_sez September 01, 2010
Grissues : 'girl issues'.

Any female problem/s usually arising as a result of PMS, sickness, bitchiness or drunkeness.

It should be noted that grissues can often be used as a false excuse when somebody is trying to get themselves out of a situation.
John: Dude where did you n Joanne disappear to at the party last night?
Mike: Grissues!
John: Say no more...
by supanover_ek_sez June 28, 2010
Sex line: a pickup line so good that it gets you laid.
A classic 'sex line' example:

John: I wish I was one of your tears!
Susan: Why is that?
John: So I could start in your eyes, live on your face and die on your lips!
Susan: Your place or mine?
by supanover_ek_sez October 14, 2010

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