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when your dick happens to be so big that you can fit multiple chicks on it at once
"so there were all these girls around me and i wanted to fuck them all, and i realized my dick was so big...i just wanted to have a sex kabob!"
by alec avagina August 20, 2008
Someone who been impaled during intercourse with a mate, so that the object that impaled them goes through both partners

Occurs most commonly in "The Friday The 13th" series

In the hit phenomanom,"Freddy vs. Jason", a couple was "getting their freak on" whilst Jason was watching from a distance and impaled the male partner while the female (whore) was bathing. After she was finished, she came out of the shower to find her dead "one night stand" lying crunched in between the recently folded mattress. this was quite lolzy thus creating a one man SEXKABOB
by zsfdghkj,;l January 30, 2009
When your dick exceeds the length of the eiffel tower and can fit one of every race on it. It often slices through 9/10 pelvises on the dick but lets the last human survive.
Girl 1 "James' dick is so large, he can fit all races on his dick at once!!"
Girl 2 "OH REALLY?! I'd love to see his Sex-Kabob!!"
by i>you27 July 31, 2012
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