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The titanic of the toilet!! Big over sized turd, held together with Ass Jell-O, corn chunks and fibers, as if was a male sporting its feathers to make you stare at its beauty. The most dominating of the turd family. This turd is by design hard to choke down the toilet and sometimes needs a “coat hanger” to break it up before the big sewer trip
OMG!!! Who shanked the big turd? That’s not a turd sweet heart, that's a Sewer Pickle. This is sure to get you some attention from the wife, a high five and a big congrats among friends
by The Tain March 23, 2006
A turd. A floater, often hairy, corny, or nutty. Sometimes multi-colored and considered hazardous nuclear material.
Somebody left a sewer pickle in the shitter last night!
by jeepzilla December 12, 2003
When a man has anal sex, afterward his penis is called a Sewer Pickle.
The man licked the sewer pickle clean.
by pickle fucker 007 June 04, 2010