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Sexy hot man who chills and thrills with his silky voice, precise movements with talented hands and snarky temper.
You know you've encountered a severus when he can make you come with his words alone.
by Keelly November 19, 2007
SEVERUS SNAPE (Harry Potter Character)
Born:1960 Died:1998 Special Talents: Occlumency, Legillemens, exceptional Potions and wand abilities; extreme loyalty to those who deserved it

Lucius Septimius Severus (or rarely Severus I) (b. Leptis Magna, April 11, 145 - d. Eboracum, February 4, 211) was a Roman general, and Roman Emperor from April 14, 193 to 211. He was born in what is now the Libyan part of Rome's historic Africa Province, making him the first emperor to be born in the Roman province of Africa

The most misunderstood character in Harry Potter is Professor Severus Snape
Things are never quite as it seems.

by Princess-L May 08, 2008

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