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n. An ambiguous character in the Harry Potter series. He teaches the Potions class, speaks mostly in a whisper and snarls a lot.

In the books, he is a thin, spider-like man with a large hooked nose and greasy black shoulder-length hair. He wears billowing black robes and pretty much dislikes everyone.

In the movies, he is Alan Rickman in a non-wizardy but completely adorable outfit.
Fangirl: Aaaahhhhh! Cuteness!
Snape: Silence!
Fangirl: Sevvie-cakes!
by Kalondo January 01, 2005
1) n. A person who is frighteningly obsessed with Alan Rickman.

2) adj. Frighteningly obsessed with Alan Rickman.
- also "Rickmaniacal" (adj.)

Mr Rickman is an actor known for his parts in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "Blow Dry", and the "Harry Potter" films, among others.
Harold: What's that forum you're posting on?
Harriet: We can talk later, Harold. I'm with other Rickmaniacs right now!

Stan: What's wrong with your girlfriend?
Harold: She's turned all... Rickmaniac on me.
Stan: Whoa, you can say goodbye to her. He's the reason my girlfriend swam to England.
by kalondo July 24, 2006
n. Pet name for Alan Rickman's stomach, developed by Rickmaniacs (probably on LiveJournal) and other loonies. Many Rickmaniacs have entire computer networks dedicated to pictures of Teh Pudge.
See teh.
Meanie: Mr. Rickman has gained weight, hasn't he?
Rickmaniacs (wielding very dangerous torches): We cherish Teh Pudge! Sod off!
by Kalondo January 01, 2005
A misspelling of "Voldemort". Voldemort is the primary villain in the Harry Potter series.

Some fans of the books tend to insert the additional "R" often, probably because of its location on the keyboard next to "E". This frequent error is terribly irritating to certain pedantic HP fans; the resulting situation is terribly funny to relatively average fans like me.
But I thought Voldermort was Harry's grandfather...?
by Kalondo May 22, 2005

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