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to get some
Ethan: "Hey Eric, what did you do last night?"

Eric: "Well you know that chick that had whore written all over her? Yeah we séved til the break of dawn."

Ethan: "You now have herpes..."


Kid: "Mom, what does séve mean?"

Mom: "Well son, its when a man and a woman are really in love and they give each other a special type of hug that can lead to babies and other negative outcomes."
by knmcqueen February 03, 2010
a person who is unbelievable and sexy
dayum that seve is smokin
by hank from hell tn June 28, 2005
freakin sexy ass mexican; cutie w/ a bootie!
look at that seve! her chica ass is out of this world!
by Devin Prejean January 09, 2005
Shorthand for 7-11 convenience store. Pronounced "sevvie".
I'm gonna cruise to the Sev-E to get more ice. Need anything? Slushie?
by bobbydL June 22, 2009