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1.A woman who will engage in sexual intercourse with more than one person for free.

2. Someone you can pass around to friends to perform sexual acts.

To assign a specific resource to be shared. Usually for a sexual act.
"He's trying to marry that broad when he knows she's a set out?"

"Why don't you tell ol' girl to come through and set out that mouth?"

"Dog, I ain't had a cigarette all day, why don't you set out your pack?"
by Names August 28, 2004
A Set-Out is basically a hoe, whore, slut, etc. Someone who sets themself out to just about anybody. This term is used alot in Cleveland.
"She could never be wifey, she a set-out."

"She just gave me some head, she a set-out."
by Nazie November 05, 2006
a girl who performs sexual activities with someone then performs the same sexual activities if not more on his friends and relatives right afterwards which often leads to threesomes.
me and my boys were pretty horny so we called over my ex girlfriend cause shes such a setout
by bbvdibdvibvibsdihb May 17, 2009
to go somewhere
we set out to the church
by James January 28, 2004
to be fully accomodated. to be treated with a high level of respect.
why don't lindsay come on over here and set it out for a brotha fo shizzle my ticobitti izzle... wait a minute, I'm a VP at Chase Manhattan!
by anonymous March 07, 2005
a bitch who leads you to think she wants to sex you up, but then dont want to.
After flirting with hoe and giving a trick his number, Michael knew she would not call back. She set him out, she was a set out.
by xxmichaelqxx May 02, 2006

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