To leave - get up and go

Apparently not the most common use for the word 'set', perhaps northern.
"I gotta set..."

"I'm settin..."
by rebelutionary April 24, 2007
a pair of breasts

a collection of elements
I bet she's actualy really hot, with a nice set. Probably a tight ass too. Canada, 9:02 PM

i learned about sets in discrete math, mainly about their properties and operations you can perform on them.
by i swear to drunk i'm not god February 02, 2006
'to set'
to give something to someone else
often used in reference to a fag or spliff
'dave set me fag'
or when used to create humour using randomness
'dave set me cushion'
'haha dude'
'just give me the fucking cushion'
'alrite chill out'
by josh....... July 10, 2008
an area where a gang calls home
get off the set or you can't sell my set
by Jolene February 14, 2005
Short for "television set". (or TV set). You know, that thing you watch when you're just chilling out at home.

Frequently spews forth dismal reports on the state of the world, pop-culture airhead fluff (such as reality shows), and who can forget the soaps.
"There's only one set, so whatever you watch, you know I have to watch it too."
-- Weird Al, "The Brady Bunch"

Turn on the d*mn set! Hey, where's the remote???
by kirE May 25, 2006
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