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calm, peaceful, relaxed
"You looked so serene."---Eunice
by Sweetie =] June 24, 2007
Serene is a beautiful girl, who always cares, always says she loves you, understands you. She will tell you her honest opinion and deepest secrets. Serene is active, smart, beautiful and kind.
Serene is soo pretty!
by jaso412 September 15, 2012
shes the prettiest, smartest, and most accomplished girl I know. She wins hearts and awards all the time, and is a great person. Not so serene-calm though. But shes a great friend, and person!
That sweetheart? Must be Serene.
by srvanan18 March 31, 2012
calm and peaceful, unlike SOMEONE i know.. serene... xD
it was such a serene day. every thing was peaceful and in unity
by eener January 31, 2005
To be in peace,harmonie. or in other words "state of grace"
Niko:"Looks like you have something else in your veins"

Manny:"Man, i ain't touch that shit in years, im serene, fuckin serene!

Niko:"whatever you say"
by Miles949 June 30, 2009
A fantasy land ruled by His Majesty Diamond Evening Jewel. It is a beautiful land with forests and Tatiana the fairy queen.
Diamond Evening Jewel, the king of Serene, hates grits!
by Ruby Anne Boleyn March 10, 2008
A word originally designed by a skinny-ass bitch-whore catholic school teacher. While making fun of her favorite prayer (the Serenity Prayer), children had used it to be a synonym of the word cool.

Means cool.

Other forms:
Serenity: acool experience (That was serenity right there.)
Serening: going out and having a cool time (I'm going serening tonight... You niqqaz wanna go?)
Paul: Hey guys you wanna go serening tonight?
Kyle: Sure Paul, I'm down for having a serene time tonight!
Senor Robert Pescados: This is serenity.
by MsFraser October 09, 2010
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