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comes from the spanish words "sin semilla" meaning "without seed". it is actually pronounced sin sumeya. simply means weed without seeds
"smoked ciggarettes the day she died.

smoke couple joints of some good sensimillia" -sublime
by ella October 19, 2004
Potent form of marijuana made by preventing fertilization of a female plant.
by Root January 08, 2003
Potent marijuana used to stimulate and free ones mind.
What are we searching for? Sensimillia.
by Dayron July 24, 2003
nice herb, unfertilised bud of the female plant, erm......yeah (cheeba cecil)
Sensi's callin knock up a phiilie
by slightly_stoopid_paper-mushroom October 04, 2003
Thai Primo seeds planted in abandoned sheep pen. Female flowers covered to prevent fertilizatin and seed formation. End result: Sheep Shit Sensimillia
the only thing better than beer and tequila is: BEER and TEQUILA and Sheep Shit Sensimillia (SSS)(S3)
OBTW: sheep manure is the ultimate fertilizer for home growers
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
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