Like sensible but refers to an agreement between minds. normally represented on a visual level. sensible, usual, known
that was rather sensical
by crazyfragle February 04, 2009
Top Definition
to make sense, to be uderstood
Your choice of the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater over the big yellow bird was sensical.
by greg ridge January 07, 2006
Something that makes sense. The better word to use instead of sensible.
It's very sensical of you to put your socks on before your shoes.
by Roxanne Brittain June 13, 2008
Anything that makes sense. and ojbect, not an idea.
Singular: Sensical
See also:
"Fine, no more sensicals!"
by HHeightsEmoKid April 26, 2007
for crying out loud, it makes sense. i used this "word" in a poem that the national poetry association would not recognize as they asked me to use "sensible" instead. in the moment it was not sensible, it made more sense as.....
where a simple unbalancing could upset the whole thing a slow burn seems more sensical
by everthine August 10, 2010
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