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Byakuya Kuchiki's zanpakuto from the anime show Bleach

the blade of the zanpakuto(sword) disappears and turns into sakura petals that can only be seen in the light. they are as sharp as a blade and can't be escaped

shikai release it scatter senbonzakura, bankai release is scatter senbonzakura kageyoshi
byakuya "scatter, senbonzakura"
by kaien_kaien January 31, 2009
6 Words related to senbonzakura
1. Japanese Romanji for "Thousands of Cherry Trees"

2. A song sung by Hatsune Miku about the Meiji Restoration and Anti-Westernization Ideas
1.Senbonzakura yoru ni magire. - Thousands of cherry trees dissolve into the night.


"I prefer the Wagakki Band version of it"
by QueefStains November 07, 2015

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