Top Definition
wicked hot turkish girl
yo sema be mackin on all the fuckin dudes
by louie williamsen February 04, 2009
super fine hispanic chika with thick country accent, goes for tall, dark and handsome type, wayyy outa your league
guy 1- dang that sema look super fine~
by vickay17 August 10, 2009
An exclusive Auto Show in Las Vegas
You going to SEMA?

No, I didn't get invited.
by comet1030 March 03, 2010
"Sema" - Incredibly hot Turkish girl, typically demanding. Most compatible with a "David".
Sema has a cracking ass.
by IrishD June 20, 2016
a girl whom know one admires, desires, wants, or needs. a loner of such.
whos the girl in the corner? i dont know but she looks like a sema
by your average attraction October 08, 2008
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