Seinfeld is the greatest sitcom ever. It absolutely destroys Friends and The Drew Carey Show. Its a show about "nothing."
The Best Scene Ever (happens to be from Seinfeld)

{Jerry and Sheila standing in line at the Soup Nazi's stand}
JERRY: What are you gonna get?
SHEILA: I'll decide at the last minute.
JERRY: You better decide, sister. You're on deck.
{she begins kissing Jerry}
JERRY: Sheila!
{Soup Nazi pounding on countertop}
JERRY: Uh-oh.
SOUP NAZI: Hey, what is this? You're kissing in my line? Nobody kisses in my line!
SHEILA: I can kiss anywhere I want to.
SOUP NAZI: You just cost yourself a soup!
SHEILA: How dare you? Come on, Jerry, we're leaving.
{Sheila walks out and then back in while Jerry is desiding soup or girl}
SHEILA: Jerry?
{Jerry turns toward her}
JERRY: Do I know you? <<< I love that line
{Sheila looks offended}

*end of scene*
by dwit August 14, 2006
Television Show, Situation Comedy, in Syndication

Often thought of as a show about nothing, it really is a show about everything.
Tor Eckman to Jerry Seinfeld: You're eating too much dairy.
by Kimberly VH July 30, 2006
(N.) Show about "nothing" that starred Jerry Seinfeld. Premiered in 1990 and ended in 1998. Rivals back then present day NBC top show, Friends now.
Seinfeld comes on THREE times a day in syndication in my town, and so does The Simpsons, so there's not too much else to watch between 5:00 and 8:00 on weeknights.
by G-Union August 27, 2003
the coolest show ever, strictly about nothing. has almost no storyline, besides the many relationships they all have, and general misfortunes that occur in the everyday life of four unusual (yet very common) characters. there is always a stranger in every episode, who's life inevidably get ruined by one of the four main characters, elaine benes, george costanza, jerry seinfeld, or cosmo kramer.

cosmo kramer- jerry's next door neighbor who truly believes that he can use all of jerry's things whenever he wants to. does not work, but makes enough money to survive and buy random objects if he so pleases. is a complete and total spaz, has out there views on everything, yet women find him extremely attractive.

george costanza- a short, stalky, slow-witted bald man, as he is commonly discribed on the show, who, while he goes in and out of long periods of unemployment, generally gets women when he wants them. has lived with his parents, and does have an anger problem.

elaine benes- an attractive, smart woman, who is always sleeping with someone else, and has on and off relationships with david puddy. while she is smart and always has a good job, she lacks common sense. she and jerry have dated but... as commonly said... it didn't work out.

jerry seinfeld- a stand up comedian who always has a woman and always finds a way to screw it up. loves cereal and superman, and is always trying to conceal a smile. while jerry seinfeld (screen name and real name) can't act worth beans, he is absolutly hilarious to watch.

seinfeld is truly hilarious, and should be watched by all. they have the most interesting characters of any show ever, and are truly timeless. don't miss the contest, the soup nazi, or, the forbidden episode which isn't in syndication, the puerto rican day parade.
timmy: dude, wanna go watch the awesomest show in the world!?

tommy: seinfeld?!

timmy: hell yeah!
by angela mcphee March 06, 2008
Master of its domain: Television
Jerry Seinfeld: But are you still 'Master of your domain'?

Kramer: Yo Yo Ma!

George: I am 'King of the county'.

Elaine: I'm 'Queen of the castle'.

Jerry: 'Lord of the manor'.
by heysupnm September 03, 2008
best show, evar.

also, part of what defines a seinfeld fan is that you have to despise the show friends.
man 1: hey, do you like seinfeld?
man 2: well, i hate friends
man 1: good man.

george: amazing, i drive them to lesbianism and he kramer brings them back

kramer: i thought we were friends!
jerry: here we go...
kramer: how could you two keep this a secret from me?
jerry: it's not true!
kramer: AH AH AH, enough lying! the lying is through! now c'mon jerry, the masquerade is over.. you're thin, late 30s, single.
jerry: so are you..
kramer: wOOWOODEE DOO *freaks out and leaves*
by nategodd November 12, 2005
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