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Using a phrase that's been used on the TV show Seinfeld, or a phrase that's akin to one, eg: "What, you don't like Mabel's Bagels? But Mabel's Bagels are great! There are no bagels better than Mabel's Bagels!"
Every sentence uttered from her pretty little throat contained at least four Seinfeldisms.
by Mosey July 22, 2004
A friend who's always there and is also kinda cool at the same time.
Aaah... he's my favourite Zohariel.
by Mosey July 21, 2004
A baby explosion. Or an exploding baby.
"Oh my god, what is that? WHEEE! KAPLOOODLE!"
by Mosey July 21, 2004
A furry is a person who feels a bond with a certain species of animals and is active in conservation of wildlife and environment. Not to be confused with bestiality and zoophilia, Furries are usually found in parks or pubs being normal and earning money. Some furs will wear a fursuit or a tail, for example, but because there are many narrow-minded people many Furs are too scared to wear their Furry items in public. Being Furry is merely an expression of love for the animal kingdom.
I can't go out this weekend; I'm going out with my furry friends for a drink.
by Mosey July 22, 2004
A friend who you wish you turn into a small, huggable plushie.
I am the number one fifan plushie hugger around here - nobody else!
by Mosey July 21, 2004
Fanboi of Quistis Trepe of FFVIII fame. See also trepie. U_U
"Eek! Don't say bad things about Quistis, or Soul_Hunter will get you!"
by Mosey July 21, 2004
a Kap'n who spams up forums with spam.
Aye aye, Kap'n! Where to now, Kap'n?
by Mosey July 21, 2004

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