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Muse is a great band from Britain, heres why:
- They have accessible music but its not too accessible
- They are noted for their outstanding live performances
- They are obviously talented and Matt Bellamy has never had a music lesson in his life
- Their performance at Glastonbury is what made them popular in Britain (they are good, thats what made them mainstream)
- Their two great albums Origin Of Symmetry and Absolution flirt with the line of dramatic-ness and lameness giving them an emotional intensity
- This intensity gives them soul and passion
- Their songs are not too cryptic but some have an air secrecy
- The music they play is not too complex and their songs can be catchy but it is not incredibly easy to play their music
- Matt Bellamy is awesome
- They are not into stupid optimism but they are definitely not depressed

Reasons to hate:
- So dramatic they come over as lame (not to me)
- They are Radiohead copycats (seriously, after Showbiz their music sounds nothing like Radiohead, if it ever did)
- Being a dumbass (there are plenty in the world)
- Not liking the vocals ... some might consider Origin Of Symmetry abrasive to the ears (at least he doesnt whine like Thom Yorke, and its not really very bad)
- Recently they have been singing about the government (OK this is a little lame, I still love them)
- Dont like heavy music at all (it might be a valid excuse)

As you can see the majority of people should like Muse, so listen to them.
Person 1: Have you heard of Muse? They are awesome.

Person 2: Yeah they are my favorite band; I love so many of their songs: Plug In Baby, Bliss, New Born, Feeling Good, Muscle Museum, Time Is Running Out, Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, The Small Print, Endlessly, City Of Delusion, Map Of The Problematique, Knights Of Cydonia

Person 1: Yeah! We should see them live! I want to hear them play Stockholm Syndrome so badly!
by dwit August 09, 2006

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Seinfeld is the greatest sitcom ever. It absolutely destroys Friends and The Drew Carey Show. Its a show about "nothing."
The Best Scene Ever (happens to be from Seinfeld)

{Jerry and Sheila standing in line at the Soup Nazi's stand}
JERRY: What are you gonna get?
SHEILA: I'll decide at the last minute.
JERRY: You better decide, sister. You're on deck.
{she begins kissing Jerry}
JERRY: Sheila!
{Soup Nazi pounding on countertop}
JERRY: Uh-oh.
SOUP NAZI: Hey, what is this? You're kissing in my line? Nobody kisses in my line!
SHEILA: I can kiss anywhere I want to.
SOUP NAZI: You just cost yourself a soup!
SHEILA: How dare you? Come on, Jerry, we're leaving.
{Sheila walks out and then back in while Jerry is desiding soup or girl}
SHEILA: Jerry?
{Jerry turns toward her}
JERRY: Do I know you? <<< I love that line
{Sheila looks offended}

*end of scene*
by dwit August 14, 2006

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Stockholm Sydrome is best song ever. Many songs are named Stockholm Syndrome but this one is by Muse, the best band in the world. This song was given #1 on a list of the best guitar rifts ever, so yes it is awesome. If you havent heard it or Muse, for that matter, listen to it right now (do you know how to use a P2P file sharing system?).
Person 1: Have you heard Stockholm Syndrome by Muse off of their album Absolution?

Person 2: Yeah!! Whenever I hear Matt sing "I wish I could," I feel like I'm in heaven
by dwit August 03, 2006

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Rap is a type of music with a person talking over a beat.

Rap talks about sex, drugs, etc... more often than rock songs, you might be able to name a couple songs that dont but it is generally true. Rap has been stereotyped by the gangster rap that is heard in the mainstream and TV. People defend rap but they fail to notice the possibly worse injustice done to rock (hey, this is like hypocrisy). They think rock is either emo and depression (which I hate) or screaming, satanistic rock (which I hate). Sure these are genres but they are not even close to rock as a whole.

I have nothing against rappers who make their own lyrics, beats, and rythyms (that is art) but (correct me if I'm wrong) not many rappers do that, if any. Therefore it looks stupid to insult rock musicians who write their own songs, sing (not scream very often), and play instruments (with varying degrees of skill).

I choose to listen to rock because I believe it takes more skill, it is a more group effort, and is not quite so immature (I'm not trying to offend anyone here and rock can be immature). Kanye West may have skill and I respect true rappers but he is a white hater and therefore doesnt appeal to me.

I listen to bands such as Muse or Spoon, who are slightly intellectual, play their own instruments (with talent), write their own songs (not depressed or satanic), and sing (not scream).
Person 1: Man, I hate all rappers; all they ever do is "talk" about sex, drugs, and violence.

Person 2: Why ya hatin'? Rappa's are rappin' about somethin' real not just all that? Besides, I hate ur satanic rock.

Person 3: Listen to musicians with skill and dont stereotype. Really think about what you are listening to.
by dwit August 18, 2006

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Rock is a type of music that is very general. People who dont like rock probably only listen to classical (good for them) or rap/R&B (stupid). Many things in the punk, emo, goth, alternative, metal, indie genres are rock. There are bad rock bands and there are bands that scream but this is not at all representative of most rock. Rock is not always about bad things in life but can be upbeat. Rock sometimes contains sexual language but never as often as rap. People who like only rap need to realize it is good for dancing but how talented is someone talking over a beat. And I ask you, is it better to complain about your life when it is really good (emo, I dont like)or is it better to sing about how rich you are (rap, I dont like)? People who rock are definitely not idiots and are smarter than those rappers who never got a full education and who are rich but still shoot at each other. (I hate Mike Jones). They also do drugs. As for the pop-pers they are just dumba$$es. Most rockers are talented but they need a little more to be great.

Rock music usually has several guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, possibly a keybordist and a vocalist (who might play an instrument).

Rock is is being taken over quickly by rap. In my city, Dallas area, there is one "alternative" station that mostly plays crappy nu-metal. There are a bjillion rap stations. People get hooked on the generic beats and simple, sexual lyrics and cannot go back. To save rock by a Muse, Spoon, Interpol album!!! These albums will not get you labeled (ok possible a little depressed) and can help SAVE ROCK!
Muse - They have created amazing sounds with just 3 people (and sometimes a fourth for certain songs). Muse rocks but they do not scream. They are not dumbasses. They are talented. They get their own genre

Nu-metal - Korn (I dislike nu-metal, it is a rap-rock combo)

Metal - DragonForce (metal is OK but there is often a lot of screaming)

Punk-pop - Green Day (punk music has been destroyed)

Punk - The Offspring? The Sex Pistols (punk music is mostly dead but it is not bad)

Emo - Jimmy Eat World or Fall Out Boy (emo used to be alright, but has degenerated into neo-emo, such as Panic! At The Disco)

Pop-rock - OK Go (this genre can be alright but is filled with many pretenders)

Alternative Rock - Spoon (the best genre in my opinion, wont get you labeled {possibly by idiots} either)

Hard Rock - Alter Bridge (not too bad, can be some screaming)

Goth - *dont know any goths* (this kinda creeps me out but not too bad)

Industrial - Marilyn Manson (this genre is a little heavy for me cant say its horrible though)

Brit-pop - The Kaiser Chiefs *might be considered alternative or pop/rock* (I like a lot of Brit-pop but it can get annoying)

Indie - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (ehh ... not that great and I dont like the vocals of many indie bands)

Experimental - Radiohead (im not in love with them but they are good)

*all bands listed are still creating music or stopped recentely, except maybe for the sex pistols*
by dwit August 17, 2006

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