the coolest show ever, strictly about nothing. has almost no storyline, besides the many relationships they all have, and general misfortunes that occur in the everyday life of four unusual (yet very common) characters. there is always a stranger in every episode, who's life inevidably get ruined by one of the four main characters, elaine benes, george costanza, jerry seinfeld, or cosmo kramer.

cosmo kramer- jerry's next door neighbor who truly believes that he can use all of jerry's things whenever he wants to. does not work, but makes enough money to survive and buy random objects if he so pleases. is a complete and total spaz, has out there views on everything, yet women find him extremely attractive.

george costanza- a short, stalky, slow-witted bald man, as he is commonly discribed on the show, who, while he goes in and out of long periods of unemployment, generally gets women when he wants them. has lived with his parents, and does have an anger problem.

elaine benes- an attractive, smart woman, who is always sleeping with someone else, and has on and off relationships with david puddy. while she is smart and always has a good job, she lacks common sense. she and jerry have dated but... as commonly said... it didn't work out.

jerry seinfeld- a stand up comedian who always has a woman and always finds a way to screw it up. loves cereal and superman, and is always trying to conceal a smile. while jerry seinfeld (screen name and real name) can't act worth beans, he is absolutly hilarious to watch.

seinfeld is truly hilarious, and should be watched by all. they have the most interesting characters of any show ever, and are truly timeless. don't miss the contest, the soup nazi, or, the forbidden episode which isn't in syndication, the puerto rican day parade.
timmy: dude, wanna go watch the awesomest show in the world!?

tommy: seinfeld?!

timmy: hell yeah!
by angela mcphee March 06, 2008
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Best show on TV, until Jerry decided to end it in 1998.
-They sealed him up with the mint inside!
-Well, I guess it can't hurt him...people eat pounds of those things.
-Yes, they eat them. They don't put them next to VITAL ORGANS IN THEIR ABDOMINAL CAVITY!!
by EJL December 14, 2003
THE best show ever made!
Main characters:
Kramer, Cosmo

They're always getting into trouble with other people who aren't really like them. They have there own world that really depends on Superman and cerial. Incase some people watching the show didn't notice, in every episode there is something about Superman, whether it's said or seen.

No show out there has yet to match it.
George:What about a show about nothing?
Jerry:Are you out of your mind? Okay, what would happen in show?
George:What did you do today?
Jerry:Well I got up, I took a shower, got dressed, and came here.
George:There's a show, that's a show!
Jerry:So you want me to go into NBC and tell them we want to do a show about nothing?
Jerry:I think you may have something here.
by Big D June 27, 2004
Best Show Ever.
George: So, what have you been doing with yourself?
Jerry: I'm a comedian.
George: Well, I really wouldn't know about that. I don't watch much TV. I like to read. What do you do, a lot of that 'Did you ever notice' kind of stuff? It strikes me a lot of guys are doing that kind of humor.
Jerry: Yeah yeah... Boy, you really went bald there, didn't you? You used to really have a thick full head of hair.
George: Well, I guess I started losing it when I was about 28, right around the time I made my first million.
by TightFade April 09, 2003
the show about nothing, is also the best sitcom in television history. till this date, no show has ever been close to top what seinfeld did.
vandalay industries! vandalay industries!


dentists, who needs them?
yeah, just like the blacks and the jews.
by Greg January 19, 2005
The greatest sitcom ever invented. Ran for like 9 seasons, and every episode was fucking hilarous. Besides, it had Kramer.
Kramer: Jerry, your gonna be the first pirate!
Jerry: But i don't wanna be a pirate!!
by Pyro Maniac May 09, 2004
The best show ever aired on TV. Main characters are: Jerry, George, Elain, and Kramer.
George: Jerry, did you wash this pear?
Jerry: Yeah, I washed it.
George: It looks like it hasn't been washed.
Jerry: So wash it!
George to Sharen: You hear the way he talks to me?
Sharen: You should hear how my boyfriend talks to me.
George and Jerry: ..........
by She Is Hot January 24, 2005
The best show ever created for television.
I saw the funniest man alive Jerry Seinfeld yesterday.
by JonMoran February 24, 2004

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