Useless piece of garbage that you would probably get beat up/shot if you were seen in public using it.
The victim was attacked because he was riding a segway.
by Jimmy S January 10, 2004
A useless scooter with 2 wheels, thought to be the greatest idea of the century. However, the Segway would not be as impressive if a small wheel was added to the front.
A young girl in California was mugged on the sidewalk by a man riding a segway
by theskiesbled April 01, 2004
A modern version of magic carpet using balancing technology called "smart motion". You can't describe the feeling or appreciate the experience until you ride it.

The price tag is high for now, but just like any other technology it will become more practical and affordable in years.
Segway is cool, fun and magical!!
by G20 July 20, 2006
"IT." $40,000 scooter with a gyroscope, thought to be the biggest idea of the century.
I mistakenly traded in my Merceds SLK for a Segway, and it seems to be slower.
by defythereds April 22, 2003
The completely obvious explanation of the word "cool". Segways are beyond is the synonym of "segway."
That canoe trip this weekend was absolutely segway!
by Francis Kruse August 25, 2007
Some scooter thing that costs 4,500 dollars.
On MTV cribs Shaq had one nice segway.
by Wick October 18, 2003
It's like a scooter. but really expensive.
cool, but... damn it costs a lot!
by gibberish September 26, 2003

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