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A contraction of the word sweet, it is often spoken sarcastically and carries a negative connotation. The word conveys the most meaning when responding to a conversation that one simply does not care about, or finds silly and childish (Example 1). While the response doesn’t seem rude on paper, the word alone can make a person feel inferior and inadequate. Also, when used as part of a conversation, it can be used to show disappointment, or anger (Example 2). It can be used as an adjective, describing a specific situation, article of clothing, hair style, someone’s house or car, and so on (Example 3). While most users understand the sarcasm behind the word, some use the word as a replacement for the word sweet, and adapt it into their vocabulary. These people are called seetsters.
Example 1:

Alex: “This weekend I got so drunk I couldn’t even speak English anymore.”
Kevin: “Seet.”

Example 2:

Alex: “Hey baby, I’m not gonna be able to take you to that movie on Friday night anymore. The guys wanna get some grub and go to the game.”
Kelly: “Seet, we’ve had these plans for two weeks.”
Alex: “I know baby, I’m sorry.”

Example 3:
Zach: “Whoa dude, look at Alex’s jeans today.”
Kenny: “Who does he think he is, Tupac or something?”
Zach: “Yeah, maybe. Seet jeans Alex.”
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by SeetstersSuck949 September 16, 2008
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