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8 definitions by Stais

Have a Happy Christmas and a Great New Year
Hahcaagny is pronounced " hah cagney " although if one wishes the double " a " may be emphasised. In the seasonal every day speech hahcaagney leaves more air in your lungs than the usual greetings.
The snow was falling heavily. It had been falling for several hours and was lying on the ground. The revellers were heading from one office party to another before the start of the seasonal holidays. Several of them could be heard calling " hahcaagny " to their friends
by Stais September 06, 2005
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This is an old expression used by prostitutes " Have you a light? "
Tonight I was walking a few yards to my home. After I had crossed the road from the Primrose Bar and Restaurant in Ballynahinch, Co. Down in the north of Ireland where I had been having a few pints in excellent company, I was stopped by a young girl, probably jail bait, who said " HYAL" She ran her hand down my side as I lit her cigarette. She was with another girl and a young man who said " Leave him alone." Later when I went to empty rubbish in the bin I met the two girls walking back up the street. They had been unable to buy a lighter in the Enterprise, another bar were under age. I had two lighters in my pocket so I gave them one of these as a present as I do not like to see a smoker stuck without a light.
by Stais September 11, 2005
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Abbreviation for Hello old friend
I met someone I had not seen for a couple of months. I said " Hof "
by Stais September 06, 2005
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Something they do in Australia - Down under buggery
Australian homosexuals engage in Dub
by Stais September 11, 2005
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Abbreviation for Private Note
I sent a PN to my girl friend
by Stais September 06, 2005
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sexual experiences exciting thunderflashes
The sexspecialist and I had some great seet
by Stais September 11, 2005
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