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One of the most respected graffiti artist to this day. Was well known in the 80's for his unique styles and for going all city.
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
When you're on Facebook and someone chats you, but you don't want to talk to them. Except, you can't ignore them anymore because Facebook decided to tell the other person when you saw the message!
Seen 10:43 pm
by JKimmy March 03, 2014
the state or quality of being "seened" is to be under the influence of any of the following substances, including but not limited to: pot-seen, perc-seen, vic-seen, beer-seen, liquor-seen, or any other substances which can get you all seened. seen.
Hey Beej-seen whats up?

"I'm all seened"

by Washington Jefferson May 10, 2011
i understand.
bob: im not coming out today
jim: seen
by danzii-xo July 25, 2008
A word used as an alternative to the phrase 'What the fuck'
Used in respones to random, weird, or stupid comments and actions.
Usually wuesd in a positive manner, as opposed to in an offencive or agressive manner.
Usually elongated when spoken: Seeeeeen....
Can be added to by putting the word 'weighty' before it, eg. ''Weighty seen!''. Can be added to even more by putting 'big' before this, eg, ''Big Weighty seen!''.
P1- ''i like elephants!''
P2- ''Seen...''

P3- ''i like purple elephants!''
P4- ''Weighty Seen...''

P5- ''i like purple fluffy elephants!!''
P6- ''Big Weighty Seen...!!''
by Frannieyeh? February 10, 2010
teenager for past tense of see. Teenagers never use the word saw except for something that cuts wood.
I seen it at the mall, and I had to have it.
by johnny walton November 23, 2006
SEEN- Depends with what kind of intonation you say it, it can mean bullshit, wtf (as in something innapropriate) I see, i understand, but still....mainly used as bullshit and wtf meaning in at least tight nottz, or by me, Dr SEEN!
A: Yo that was so shit....

A:I'm gona go town tday mate, actually no, gona stay home and play cs source..

A:That girl there's quite peng still..

To seen or not to seen? that's the question!

I seen, therefore i am!

by Dr SEEN July 12, 2008