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secret agents such as CIA, FBI, ATF, etc. Undercover police officer.
runnin from secret squirrel
by Tom Max November 13, 2003
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A cue from an old cartoon show that was a parody of the spy genre; one of the characters was a squirrel spy. Originally meant to refer to someone working in covert operations or intelligence (undercover police, CIA, military intelligence, etc).

It is now often used to refer to people who claim to have worked in the intelligence community in online forums and in person out of context with questionable veracity - ie potential/real poseurs/frauds.
Forum poster X - " I worked in intelligence for 5 years and served in special operations but my service history is completely classified."

Forum poster Y -" Oh great, another secret squirrel."
#poseur #fraud #liar #straighten up #bush week
by Panzer88 June 22, 2010
One who dissapears or acts as if he/she is sly, or does sneaky things without peers knowing. Usaully when a person is a Secret Squirrel, that person acts scary as if someone is on to them or, knows whatever the secret might be. This word comes from an Hanna-Babera created cartoon, which tells about a detective/spy Squirrel who jumps around hiding and solving mysteries. My dad also likes to call my older sister and my mother a Secret Squirrel often when playing aorund with them.
Im tired of my friend jumping around like we dont know what shes doing, Secret Squirrels never learn.
#sneaky #jumpy #nervous #scary #jittery
by Invisible Girl The Chick June 04, 2010
Someone you tell all your secrets to. Someone trustworthy, non-judgemental, and in the best cases good at giving advice. One may have different secret squirrels for different types of secrets, or multiple secret squirrels for all their secrets.
Jim: I need to talk to someone i can trust about this...
Mark: Don't worry bro, I gotchu
Jim: Thanks man, you're the best secret squirrel EVER
#secret squirrel #secret #squirrel #confidant #bro
by swagmasta3k December 28, 2013
jizz ; an impending orgasm
Right before I busted a nut, I whispered in my girlfriend's ear: "I got secret squirrel for ur pussy"
#cum #spooge #sperm #cumshot #semen
by Rex Code March 09, 2012
The voyeuristic act of watching a couple copulate, usually through a window - much like a squirrel would from a tree.
I played secret squirrel and watched Joe bang Jackie last night through his bedroom window.
#voyeur #sex #peeping tom #secret #screw #nuts
by tacram99 April 27, 2007
A person who collects and hides intoxicating items.
"Is there another beer?"

"Ask Johnny. He's the secret squirrel."
#hoarder #theif #friend #depression-era thinker #dood
by ButcherSlim October 14, 2005
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